Managing a multilingual website requires specific measures for search engine indexing. One of these is the creation of a sitemap that takes into account the different languages and integrates the hreflang tag.

To optimize indexing, you need a sitemap that considers the different languages of the site, so that it complies with the XML rules that must include the hreflang tag.

Difficulty with some multilingual plugins

Plugins like Polylang, while offering features for managing multilingual websites, may encounter issues in generating sitemaps with hreflang.

Solution: Slim SEO

With Slim SEO, managing sitemaps for a multilingual website becomes simple and fast. The automatically generated sitemaps with hreflang assist search engines in understanding the site’s structure and indexing pages correctly for each language, enhancing the visibility of your website internationally.

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List of sitemap generate by Slim SEO

Once the plugin is activated, at the address, you will find the sitemaps to submit to search engines to index your site effectively.